Mother Nature, vandalism, and the test of time cause damage to your buildings and facilities. ECO has the skill and experience to restore things like new!


ECO offers a broad range of carpentry services from new construction to finish trim work. We are professional, skilled workers to provide you with a high quality finished product.


  • Brick
  • Block
  • Chimneys

Not removing bad mortar joints can create costly repairs down the road. We re-mortar using quality materials to maintain your building or home.

  • Replace bad brick or block
  • Clean all repairs to even effect.


Pressure washing your wood fence, decks or siding ensures your stains or sealers adhere to specification guaranteeing you get the best bang for your buck. ECO uses top quality brand sealers/stains to give you lasting performance.

  • Stucco, concrete
  • brick pavers
  • brick, block
  • vinyl
  • wood
  • metal


ECO uses skilled professionals to give you back your rooms, basements, home. Skilled taping and mudding will provide a smooth surface as if there was never an incident.

  • Water damage
  • Fire Damage